Umair Khalid, Chief Operations Officer at MILVIK Mobile Pakistan (Private) Ltd., was invited to present at the International Insurance Conference organised by the Lahore Insurance Institute in Lahore, Pakistan.


The conference was attended by over 150 leading representatives from the insurance sector, including the Chairman of the Insurance Association of Pakistan, the Chairman of the Lahore Insurance Institute as well as senior government officials and industry practitioners from Pakistan’s leading insurance companies.


Attendees exchanged their views on the changing dynamics of the global insurance arena as well as the upcoming trends and developments in the insurance industry in Pakistan. They also discussed strategies to drive insurance penetration across the country.


Umair spoke about the role of IT in expanding the reach of financial services to the masses, highlighting BIMA’s expertise in harnessing mobile technology and strategic partnerships with telecom operators to make insurance accessible and affordable. BIMA’s successful mobile insurance model is testament to the role of technology in advancing financial inclusion: BIMA has now reached 1 million customers in Pakistan, and its recent partnership with the country’s largest mobile operator, Jazz, is a significant step forward for BIMA’s operations in the country.



19 December 2017