Claimants already benefitting from BIMA’s quick, reliable and fair claims process


BIMA, along with its local partners Digicel and Dominion Insurance Company, share stories from some of their early claimants in Fiji. BIMA launched its operations there in Q3 last year, offering customers accessible and affordable insurance.


Isikeli Tavola received over $500 payout after an injury led to an eight night period of hospitalisation. Mr Tavola was surprised to get his claim approved for a partial payout because he had not paid the full monthly cost of his cover. This proportional cover is a unique aspect of the BIMA product that maximises value for customers who have volatile incomes.


Mr Tavola urged others to consider BIMA as it as a different kind of insurance. “BIMA can help you and your family cause with this insurance you are also paying financial protection for your family. With this insurance everything is so easy”.


Their very first claimant was Mosese Babacala, a customer on the basic bundle that costs just $5.40 per month. After falling ill and being admitted to the hospital, Mr Babacala was able to claim $120 from his BIMA cover.


Mr Babacala explained how easy it is to claim and the value of insurance for his family. “With the claim process, there is no worries or doubts because the process itself was very fast and reliable. This money was really useful because I was able to buy the needs of my family and without this insurance, I don’t know whom I could have relied on”.


Simon Schwall, New Market Launch Manager for Fiji, said “The claims process is the most important part of the user experience and we believe that it should easy, quick and fair. The partial deduction / partial cover clause in our product is powerful as it ensures the customer gets value for every cent spent. We can’t wait to replicate the success here to rest of our Pacific hub, bring accessible insurance to Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and Nauru for the very first time”.


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