BIMA has partnered with Bank South Pacific (BSP) to deliver financial literacy training for its staff in Papua New Guinea.


The training with BSP educates participants on the importance of saving and budgeting, as well as offering them practical tips on setting saving goals, creating a budget and managing finances.


As an employee engagement initiative, the training contributes to the personal development of BIMA’s employees. The scope of the training also supports BIMA’s long-standing goal of increasing financial inclusion in the markets it operates in, and empowering those in low-income countries to take control of their financial future.


The financial literacy programme offered by BSP means BIMA’s employees will learn to make better informed decisions about their finance, and plan for their future appropriately.


Angelo Polimeno, Country Manager of BIMA Papua New Guinea, commented: “Financial empowerment is at the core of what BIMA stands for. We are very pleased to partner with BSP to offer our employees the training they need to forge a strong and sustainable financial future for themselves and their families, which sits alongside our ultimate goal of helping people achieve financial security.”


6 April 2018