Introduces innovative tele-doctor services in Ghana and Bangladesh



BIMA has expanded into mobile health with the launch of an innovative new tele-doctor service. BIMA’s m-Health products will provide families in emerging markets with an affordable and easy way access advice, diagnostics and quality care. The use of mobile technology to deliver care has the potential to transform the health landscape in these markets, and improve the lives of billions of vulnerable families significantly.


The first generation of BIMA m-health products will offer customers and their entire families access to unlimited consultations with a doctor for the duration of their membership. Unlike other tele-doctor services, BIMA won’t charge customers to make the call, operating a free ring-back service instead. They will also offer access to a directory of local pharmacies and medical centres and discounts within BIMA’s medical partner. BIMA is launching its first products in Ghana and Bangladesh.


In Ghana, ‘BIMA’ doctor will be sold directly to consumers under the BIMA brand. At the point of sign-up, customers will receive a free series of tests at one of BIMA’s community health camps, offering tests for critical health issues including high blood pressure, diabetes and Hepatitis B.


In Bangladesh, BIMA will sell one product independently and one in partnership with Robi, the nation’s leading mobile Operator. The ‘M-Daktar’ services will bundle tele-doctor offering with high-value Life Insurance product, giving customers even greater value.


Both markets moved from pilot to operational phase during 2016 and are generating impressive uptake, reaching over 550,000 families already.


José Martin M.D., Global Health Division Manager for BIMA, commented on the launch, “We developed these products in response to the overwhelming necessity for accessible healthcare in our markets. We hope to replicate the success of our insurance offering by using mobile to bring health services to millions of underserved families”.


Marie Kyle, Head of Product and Innovation said “Nowhere is there a bigger potential for mobile technology to disrupt the healthcare landscape than in emerging markets. This launch positions BIMA at the forefront of innovation in the consumer-facing m-Health industry and is a major development for the business”.