Office to serve as hub for Pacific Island Region


BIMA has launched a new operation in Fiji, which will also serve as a hub for the wider Pacific Island region. This is our 16th market to open, expanding BIMA’s global footprint whilst continuing our mission to bring insurance and health services to excluded people.


This expansion is made in partnership with Digicel, the leading mobile operator in the Pacific, and with the support of the United Nations’ Pacific Island Inclusion Project. Together, we will bring the power of insurance to lower-income families who are traditionally barred from accessing financial services.


The Fiji operation will serve as a hub for the wider region, reaching people living in Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa and Nauru.


Commenting on the launch, Simon Schwall of BIMA said, “The success of BIMA in Papua New Guinea shows the game-changing potential of mobile technology to bring services to people living in the most remote of communities. We are really excited to bring our model to Fiji and the wider region, giving families the chance to access these types of products for the first time”.