BIMA, the leading provider of mobile-delivered insurance and health services in emerging markets, has launched a partnership with Smart, Cambodia’s leading mobile operator.  Together they will introduce the ‘Smart Life’ product, an affordable life insurance policy paid for by deduction of pre-paid airtime credit.


Insurance is a powerful tool that can have an especially transformative effect on the lives of those living on lower-incomes. Yet, these people often struggle to access traditional insurance because it is costly, complex and difficult to pay for if you don’t have a formal bank account.


BIMA overcomes these hurdles with its pioneering mobile-delivered insurance approach. Registration is completely paperless – carried out via mobile handset. Payment is made through daily deduction of pre-paid airtime credit.


BIMA and Smart have designed Smart Life to cater to the needs of Smart customers: it is simple, affordable and high value (prices start at just US$ 0.80 per month for US$ 1000 of coverage). Furthermore, claimants will receive their pay-out in just three days.