The customer, Lubwama Salim purchased a ‘BIMA Life Protect’ policy for just 5,000 UGX. ‘BIMA Life Protect’ will pay out your beneficiary (a family member) money if you die or are left permanently disabled as the result of an accident. Unfortunately, Mr. Lubwama, an experienced boda-boda driver was killed when a car crashed into him at Mbalala along Jinja Mukono highway.


After taking time to grieve, Mr. Lubwama’s family took their claim to BIMA. With a valid claim and the necessary document (BIMA requires claimants to provide only a signed death certificate), they received their money in just 2 days.


Nalumansi said, “In life, my brother always looked after our family, and with the BIMA payout it is like he is continuing to protect us. With this money we shall pay fees for the children and invest the rest in our soap making business to sustain the family.


“The claims process was surprisingly easy, and the BIMA team were there to support me throughout. It took just 2 days for me to receive the money, which is not like any other insurance company”.


Danielle Treharne, CEO of BIMA Uganda, commented, “Paying out claims is the most important part of our job. Unlike other insurance companies we encourage our customers to make claims and make sure that valid claims are paid quickly and easily. We take comfort in the knowledge that this payout will provide financial protection for
Lubwama’s family now that he is gone”.



BIMA sells its products through its network of trained sales representatives. They can register customers in one easy step using their mobile phone, giving you immediate cover.


We sell two products in Uganda:

1. BIMA Family Life Protect, which covers customers for death or permanent disability, up to 1,000,000 UGX, for as little as 20,000 UGX for 15 months; and

2. BIMA Medi Cash, which covers customers up to 600,000 UGX for overnight stays in hospital, for as little as 28,000 UGX for 12 months.


BIMA Family Life Protect is underwritten locally by licensed insurance underwriter, UAP Life.