Jakarta: BIMA, Equity Life and XL Axiata delivered the first claim payment for XL Asuransi to the relative of a recently-deceased XL subscriber, Bramanthi, in Central Yogyakarta on 3 September 2013. The claim amount was IDR1,000,000 (USD100), and the payment was made by XL’s regional office in Central Java – Yogyakarta. XL’s staff visited the home of the deceased’s family after making the payment.


The late Bramanthi had been a loyal and active XL subscriber, and had registered for XL Asuransi on 10 July 2013 after receiving a SMS notification advertising the product. At the point of registration, Bramanthi had named his sister-in-law Tri as his beneficiary, in case anything should happen to him. Unfortunately, Bramanthi passed away in an accident during Lebaran on 15 August 2013. Tri contacted BIMA and XL in late-August to make the claim. One of the relatives of the deceased said, during an interview, “The administration (of the claim) ran smoothly and a few days later, the claim payment was directly transferred to the account of the beneficiary. I know that this time, there is a new service with an insurance claims process that is so easy and fast.”*


The free insurance programme, XL Asuransi, had been launched on 31 May 2013, and has been active for three months. Any prepaid mobile subscriber of XL, between the age of 17 – 59 years, is eligible to register to earn and accumulate free life insurance cover, as long as the subscriber uses a minimum of IDR30,000 (USD3) in airtime within one calendar month.


*Translated from Bahasa Indonesia


3 September, 2013