Indonesia, 2 March 2022. MILVIK Dokter, a leading provider of subscription-based digital health solutions in Indonesia, has been named an official COVID-19 Care telemedicine provider for the second year running.


Under the Indonesia Ministry of Health (“MOH”)’s COVID-19 Care Scheme, patients exposed to COVID-19 who are undergoing self-isolation will be able to access a one-time complimentary telemedicine service and prescription medication. This access is contingent on a PCR-positive test result from a MOH-affiliated laboratory under its New All Record system.


“There has been a rise in cases, particularly with the Omicron variant. While the symptoms of Omicron are reportedly less severe than other variants, it can still potentially cause severe illness. I highly recommend anyone has any symptoms – cough, fatigue, congestion and runny nose, sore throat or headache – to seek medical attention,” said Dr. Zamzam Noerzen Diaelani, Chief Medical Officer of MILVIK Dokter.


MILVIK Dokter is not only supporting MOH’s COVID-19 Care Scheme that includes free medication, but also providing free 24/7 pre-PCR teleconsultation for any patients via the MILVIK Dokter app, WhatsApp chat (0817-76-MILVIK) or its toll-free phone number (08001-MILVIK). MILVIK Dokter can also help connect patients registered under its health platform to a MOH-affiliated laboratory if lab tests are required.


“What makes us different from others is our focus on proactive care. Patients under the COVID-19 Care programme have unlimited access to telemedicine consultation and will be guided through their recovery, with trained healthcare professionals following up to check on their recovery progress. Our in-house medical team ensures the delivery of high-quality healthcare digitally,” said Wisnu Dharmawan, Country Manager & President Director of MILVIK Dokter.


MILVIK Dokter offers a variety of health subscription plans starting from Rp. 35,000 a month that covers the whole family, which includes all-in-one health solutions such as unlimited 24/7 tele-doctor consultation and specialist care, free medicine delivery and lab tests, monthly and post-consultation calls from a designated family doctor, as well as hospital cash allowance up to Rp 500,000/night/person for 2 people.

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