DHAKA, Bangladesh, April 13, 2022 – Milvik, the leading digital healthcare solutions provider in Bangladesh, has launched the Milvik Health+ App to enhance accessibility to high-quality healthcare while allowing customers to enjoy more benefits from their Milvik health subscriptions through the Health Wallet feature.


The Milvik Health+ App is the first-of-its kind that combines payment tools and e-commerce for healthcare. Customers can


  • Manage their Milvik health subscriptions in terms of payment flexibility and updating the details of family members covered by their subscriptions;
  • Earn and use Health Points;
  • Visualise health savings;
  • Keep track of upcoming doctor consultations and follow-up calls as part of Milvik’s proactive tele-medicine service;
  • Speak to Milvik doctor; and
  • Access their medical history with Milvik.


Health Points collected with every subscription payment made  can be used for redemption of  healthcare products such as medicine, medical equipment, health and fitness wearables, oral and eye care products, and nutritional items. Thus, lowering healthcare costs for consumers.


“With the Milvik Health Wallet, we will be able to provide a wider spectrum of healthcare benefits to our customers and make healthcare more accessible. It also creates more opportunities for public-private partnerships as we remain focused on democratizing healthcare in Bangladesh,” said Ankur Basu, Country Manager of Milvik Bangladesh.


Providing more insight on the Milvik Health Wallet, Reynold D’Silva, Global Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director (Asia) of Milvik Bima, shared, “This is one of our most promising initiatives in bringing fintech innovation into the field of digital health which can narrow the heathcare access gap. The launch in Bangladesh has been well received, and our focus in the immediate term will be on rapidly rolling-out the Health Wallet to our other markets.”


Milvik Bangladesh is working with ACCESS Health International, a non-profit think tank, advisory group and implementation partner with a mission to improve access to high quality and affordable healthcare, to explore public-private funding opportunities. “BIMA’s Health Wallet facilitates a direct-to-consumer avenue for health funding program implementation, which is one of the most critical aspects of healthcare funding. We look forward to working with Milvik Bangladesh to make healthcare more affordable”, said Adrienne Mendenhall, ACCESS Health’s Global Business Development Lead.