BIMA has made several new appointments that will add further expertise to both the board and the global management team. These hires reflect the continued growth of the business and its ability to attract top talent.


Cynthia Gordon, CEO of Africa Division at Milicom has joined as Board Member, bringing with her extensive experience in the African region and insight into the developing telecoms landscape. Cynthia was previously Chief Commercial Officer at Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading communications company, delivering telecom services to 100 million consumers and businesses across the Middle East and Asia.


Sara Varda St. Vincent joins as Chief Legal Officer. Before joining BIMA, Sara was a senior associate at Swedish law firm Mannheimer Swartling, where she specialised in investments and telecoms. Sara will be working with the Global  Management Team to further develop BIMA’s legal structures and support the new business teams in partnership negotiations.


Sanjana Rajgarhia  joins as a Regional Analyst in the Singapore office. Prior to joining BIMA, Sanjana was a  project manager at a cloud-focused tech startup in Singapore where she worked with clients ranging from other startups to government organisations across the APAC region. Sanjana will be working with the Asia Management Team on operational initiatives and data analysis to drive performance in markets across the region.


The final appointment is Niklas Berglund, who joins the central finance team as Strategic Business Analyst. Niklas will help the business to become more data-driven deepening the understanding of our unit economic, cohort analysis. He will also play a vital role in developing forecasting processes analysing overall financial performance. Niklas worked previously worked as Engagement Manager (and Financial Consultant) at SkySparc, a boutique financial consultancy firm.