Osman Haneef, BIMA’s Country Manager in Pakistan, yesterday joined high-profile figures from across the globe to participate in a roundtable discussion for the newly-formed LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development. Chaired by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, the Commission has been set up to address fragile and conflict situations around the world. The commission formulates policy recommendations for governments, NGOs and international donors to foster economic growth in affected countries.


As a prominent figure in driving innovation in Pakistan, Osman was invited to participate in one of the six inaugural evidence and roundtable sessions, to provide insight on how to foster innovation in fragile states.  Drawing on his experience of launching BIMA in Pakistan, Osman particularly highlighted that the sky-rocketing rates of mobile penetration, even across fragile states, is a significant opportunity for business to overcome barriers that have historically hampered innovation.


Since launching in Pakistan over two years ago, BIMA Pakistan and Jazz, the largest mobile operator, have reached over 1 Million low-income consumers with vital mobile insurance and health services – protecting at-risk populations from falling back into poverty. Along with Mr Cameron, the Commission is co-chaired by Dr. Donald Kaberuka, former President of the African Development Bank and Dr. Adnan Khan, Research and Policy Director of the International Growth Centre.



November 2017