Dakar, Senegal:  Tigo, UASen Vie and BIMA paid their first claim to a Tigo Kiiray subscriber, the first mobile microinsurance claim to be paid in Senegal’s history. The beneficiary, Ibou Ngom, a Sandaga market vendor, who had been insured through Tigo Kiiray for three months, made a claim after the death of his father. Upon presentation of the death certificate and birth certificate of the deceased, Mr. Ngom received his cheque for 300 000 FCFA after just three days – the policy promise.


“This is an excellent initiative that I welcome for delivering true value to us, its subscribers. There are many telephone operators in Senegal, but only Tigo had this great idea; to assist its subscribers in their time of need. This means that the relationship between Tigo and its subscribers moves beyond the mere mercantilist framework. We are very pleased that Tigo offers clients a diverse range of products and services,” says Mr. Ngom, upon receipt of the check. According to Mr Ngom, “I will not hesitate to encourage my parents, my friends and all of the people I meet to subscribe to this life insurance policy. In fact, some have already subscribed. ”


We extend our sympathies to Mr. Ngom’s in this melancholic period in his life. But we use this opportunity to demonstrate that Tigo Kiiray works. BIMA supports its insurance partner, UASen Vie, to ensure that claims are paid within three working days so that the money can work to soften the financial blow in the difficult times of Tigo’s subscribers.


* Kiiray: Means ‘protection’, in the Wolof language.


June 30th, 2012.