BIMA is pleased to announce that Tigo Family Care Insurance has been judged as the most successful microinsurance product in Ghana by the National Insurance Commission (NIC). The results are based on a survey among 20 microinsurance providers in Ghana, carried out by the NIC and German Development Authority (GIZ) on the supply and demand for microinsurance in Ghana.


We are proud to see the results that indicate 61% of Tigo Family Insurance subscribers being satisfied with the product. Most of the existing clients said they are well informed about the terms and conditions of their policies, and less than 6% of respondents said they have no knowledge of what the policy covers, according to the report.


“Based on the number of policy holders and premium volumes, Tigo Family Care can be considered the most successful micro insurance product in Ghana,” the report said.


BIMA extends our congratulations to all our partners in Ghana on this recognition.


November 6, 2012