Our Investment Case

We are solving the pain point of affordability and accessibility of healthcare in emerging markets with a digital health subscription that combine healthcare and insurance. 75% of our subscribers are first time buyers. With subscriptions that start from US$1 per month, we have helped 10 million people gain access to affordable health solutions.  
Our Purpose  – We aim to provide 100 million people who go to pharmacists instead of doctors, who can’t get specialist care, and who don’t have insurance, with affordable access to high-quality healthcare by 2026.  

Our recurring subscription are made possible by our Health App and Health Wallet.  

Subscribers and their families get access to a platform of digital health solutions – comprising health-screening, telemedicine, specialist care, personalised health programmes, medicine delivery, laboratory testing and insurance.

Our Health App that incorporates a unique Health Wallet enables frictionless payments and Health Points accumulation that can help offset healthcare needs. Our Clinical Patient Management System enables us to augment frontline medical staff with specialist-designed clinical pathways.

BIMA at a glance

10 markets
with proven business

>10 million
active users

US$50 billion
Projected global digital
health market by 2024*

employees on our
collective mission

Our business model

Affordable and flexible healthcare subscription

Data-driven proactive healthcare

Affordable and easy access to high-quality, proactive healthcare with data collected at every point of a subscriber’s journey through our Clinical Patient Management System. Telemedicine, health-screening, specialists care, personalised health programmes, medicine delivery and laboratory testing provided through over 200 BIMA-employed medical staff

In-app digital health wallet

Frictionless payments through more than 30 leading fintechs. A mechanism for subscribers to pay for medicines and healthcare. Makes the “pay now, get later” value proposition credible. Co-payment by NGOs / GOs capabilities. Lower costs of care by 40 to 90%.

Digitally-enabled Customer Acquisition

Leveraging on customer and data insights for precise customer targeting. Guided selling app that increases sales effectiveness through suggested personalized selling

Insurance coverage

Simplified health and life insurance coverage with only 5 exclusions underwritten by world's top insurance companies

Our Impact

Committed to ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

10 million of people
with healthcare and
insurance access​

74 million positive health
interventions via our consumer
health programmes in 2021

10 markets across
Asia & Africa