How we bring our purpose to life

We challenge the status quo in emerging markets.
We do what others said couldn’t be done. In ten years we have changed the way emerging market consumers
experience financial and health services by unlocking the power of mobile technology.


Serving the underserved

Over a decade ago, we created the concept of micro-insurance which could be bought over the mobile, using pre-paid balance, where there was nothing before.



We make sure customers want BIMA MILVIK to be part of their lives by focusing on the entire customer experience and we replicate this across countries and continents.


Integrated health and insurance

We create integrated health and insurances solutions and partner with leading financial services companies to offer accessible and affordable solutions for the underserved consumers.


Unlocking mobile for health

By using mobile to deliver heath solutions we were able to scale rapidly and serve millions of ‘unreachable’ customers.

Our Customer Promise

Our customer promises represent the commitments we make to each
and every customer. We use them as our compass to guide how we
design, distribute, and deliver our products and services.



We design health solutions that are
easy for anyone, with a mobile phone, to use.


We deliver a high-quality service to
our customers each and every time.


We offer health solutions that are relevant,
affordable and good value for money.


We educate customers on our solutions and offer top quality care from all our doctors and agents.