Mobile-Delivered Insurance and On-Demand Health

Our services are designed to protect customers whatever stage of life they are at. BIMA Life and BIMA Health come in four price levels and four package options to make it easy for customers to choose the package suited to themselves and their family.


Our BIMA Life products are designed to support customers and their families if the worst should happen.

Customers, or their beneficiaries, will receive a cash lump sum if they pass away or they are left partially or permanently disabled.

BIMA Life helps reduce some of the financial burden on families who may experience loss of household earnings, or have to pay large, out of pocket funeral expenses.

BIMA Health

We go beyond ‘just insurance’. BIMA Health offers a unique ‘bundled’ insurance and digital health package.

We offer unlimited, 24/7 access to qualified doctors over the phone, saving customers the time and expense of visiting a medical centre. We cover medication support, give access to personalised health records and offer insurance cover if our customers need to stay in hospital. We believe in helping our customers take an active approach in managing their health, and deliver personalised health programmes, through APP, whatsapp and SMS.